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The initiatives under Education covers all age group ie. Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary and beyond. The intervention in education would be in the areas of improving infrastructure, enhancing quality of education and introducing online and Distance learning for contents that cannot be delivered in the schools/colleges in the village. Introducing vocational education in the secondary and higher secondary schools is also being done with the help of National Skill Development Corporation and Government of Haryana.


All the 5 villages have their school buildings however repair and reconstruction is being done where ever required. An additional room in all the schools which can accommodate about 40 students and equipment for training like computers, projectors etc. is being constructed. These facilities would be used for delivering training to the students/ teachers and other youth of the village by experts from various fields and organizations. In the village of Dhaula, the secondary school is being shifted to new location for which Gram panchayat has resolved to give land. The proposal is going to be sanctioned soon. The building proposed for the secondary school will be constructed from low cost and local material and will be self-sustainable with respect to sewage generation and disposal.


Teachers in the schools are being trained by experts from various fields to improve the quality of teaching. They will be given exposure to new ways of teaching including introduction to technology in teaching. Bharti Foundation is playing a critical role in improving the quality of Education. Expressions India had an interaction with adolescent students, principal and teachers to identify problematic behavior and health, hygiene and nutritional issues in children.