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Focus on initiatives under the health sector for these villages will be in the following areas:

1. Development of health infrastructure in the villages – the existing Public Health Centre (PHC) is being repaired and constructed wherever required with the help of funds from Government of Haryana, Local Self Government and CSR.

2. Providing adequate health-related manpower, trained para-medical primary health staff in these villages - requisite manpower for PHC is being provided by the Government of Haryana.

Karma Clinic3. Voluntary organizations like Karma Clinic is setting up low cost clinics in the villages with trained paramedical staff and pharmacist providing basic health care and medicine in the village and trained and practicing doctors from the nearby cities like Gurgaon and Faridabad providing referral services. The connection between the village level clinic and the city doctor is through video/tele conferencing. The pathological facilities are also being provided at the village by tying up with nearest labs. Jan Aushadi Kendra is also being opened in the villages for providing access to affordable medicine in the villages.

4. Connecting the villages with renowned hospitals through online platform of Common Service Centre. Most of the common ailments can be tackled by consultation by an experienced doctor without actually physically examining the patients. The online platform of CSC has provided opportunity in these villages of bringing consultancy services by best doctors and hospitals to the doorsteps of villagers. For ailments requiring physical examination will be referred to the hospital. This will save time, cost and harassment to the patients.

5. Training to the youth from villages in medical and para-medical courses to enable 24/7 health services in the villages is being done.

6. Training of selected youth from the villages in Ayurveda and other therapies at Ayush Wellness Clinic in the President’s Estate is also being done to increase awareness about Indian system of medicine in the villages and enhance wellness in the villages using these systems. The AYUSH doctors from Rashtrapati Bhavan would visit the villages at-least once a Month.