The President’s Bodyguard (PBG) recreate a colourful past of courage and valour as they canter in smart rows on their horses with bright turbans, medals glittering on their chests and pennants flying, as they escort the Presidents horse carriage.


A snapped command echoes through the air:

“Rashtrapati angrakshak salaami denge.

Rashtriya salute! Madhya dekh!”

(The President’s Body Guards will give a salute.

The national salute! Eyes centre!)


The President’s Bodyguard is an elite household cavalry regiment and is the oldest regiment of the Indian army. It was raised by the English Governor General, Warren Hastings in 1773 in Varanasi. In those days, the Governor Generals were army men who went to war and the regiment had to guard him on the battlefield. So, during the British period, the regiment was called the Governor General’s Bodyguard.

Today the PBG is a small cavalry regiment based at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. It escorts the President of India and performs various ceremonial duties. The President’s Bodyguard are also trained for active duty on the battlefield as paratroopers.



~~~ Download this black and white photograph and colour the uniform of the President’s Bodyguard

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