Garden Trail


The Mughal Gardens was designed by Edwin Lutyens and the flowers, plants and trees were laid out by the horticulturist, William Robertson Mustoe. Lutyens was inspired by the charbagh design of traditional Mughal Gardens that have shady trees, square and rectangular flower beds, open pavilions and channels of flowing water.

Mustoe had to select plants and trees that would survive Delhi’s hot summers and freezing winters. He chose flowers like dahlia, poppy, larkspur, verbena, chrysanthemum, sweet pea, petunia, daisy and marigolds.


~~~ Design your own Mughal Gardens. It doesn’t have to be like the traditional ones. If you want it could have a cricket pitch or a football green, as long as you include flowers and trees.

~~~ Create a real garden in school. Plant some flowers in any corner of the school grounds and take care of them and watch them grow.