Here are some fascinating facts about Rashtrapati Bhavan:

• The Viceroy’s House that we now call Rashtrapati Bhavan was to be the crowning glory of the city of New Delhi that was built by the British.

• The Coronation Durbar of 1911 attended by King George V and Queen Mary was the first time that a King and Queen of Britain came to India. The first Empress of India, Queen Victoria never visited the country.

• Five Viceroys lived in the Viceroy House. They were Lord Irwin, Lord Willingdon, Lord Linlithgow, Lord Wavell and Lord Mountbatten.

• Here are some interesting numbers that were given in a report in the English newspaper, Daily Telegraph in December 1928 – the Viceroy’s House has one and a half mile of corridors, 340 rooms, 227 columns, 35 loggias and 37 fountains.

• All the statues of Kings, Queens and Viceroys displayed around New Delhi were shifted to the Coronation Park in North Delhi after Independence.


~~~ The Rashtrapati Bhavan website is full of fascinating facts. Create a class quiz around the building and the role of the President of India. This can be an inter-section quiz during the school Book Week.

~~~ For the class notice board: How about a theme around the viceroys and presidents who have lived in the Rashtrapati Bhavan? Find their pictures on the internet and add your opinions and interesting information.

~~~ Create a profile of Edwin Lutyens for the school magazine.